Monday, September 25, 2006

Yes on 89 vrs. the Sacramento Bee

The Bee editorial board is correct to say, “Many Californians are rightly fed up with the orgy of campaign contributions that taints our political system. Politicians always claim they make decisions based on what is right for the people -- blah, blah, blah -- but voters know big donors have more access and influence than anyone else.” in their editorial position of Sept. 24, 2006/
But then, the editors go on to oppose Prop.89. How strange.
All you have to do is look at the last three elections. Over $ 100,000,000 was spent buying T.V. time. Only the rich are able to play in this game. They are buying control of our government.
The Legislature in Sacramento is working for their political donors, not for you and I. Special interests—like the big oil, drug, and tobacco companies—have far too much influence.
We need to take our democracy back from these robber barons. Prop. 89 is a step in that direction. A system similar to Prop. 89 is already working in Arizona and Maine.
Only when we get some honest, clean money legislators do we have a chance to pass sensible reform for financing public schools, health care and other urgent needs.
The Legislature in Sacramento is working for their political donors, not for you. Special interests—like the big oil, drug, and tobacco companies—have too much influence. Even worse, this influence results in price raises at the pump, higher utility costs, and stifled innovation in phone and television service. It's time for a change!
What's the solution? Proposition 89.

Prop. 89 creates a level and fair playing field for California elections and reduces the influence of lobbyists and special interests in our state. It:
-1. Bans contributions to candidates by lobbyists and contractors.
-1. Restricts contributions by corporations, unions, and individuals to candidates and to outside groups running negative ads.
Lets candidates who reject contributions from big money donors run for office using “clean money” public grants.

The Bee’s arguments against Prop.89 are so weak as to be embarrassing. They claim that it favors non-profits. Oh. Yes, non profits are the problem in our political system.
And, they claim that all taxpayers should pay, not only the corporations. Well, if you tried to pass a general tax as well as change the campaign finance system, you could never pass it. These are not real arguments.

To understand the Bee editorial position you have to keep in mind that the Bee, is, after all, a profit making corporation. And, the Bee managers and editors are a part of an elite class who profit greatly from the present anti democratic system.

Dr. Duane Campbell
Electoral Chair
Sacramento Progressive Alliance.
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