Thursday, September 21, 2006

Buck the system

Grassroots Fuels Prop 89 By Giving $5 To Buck the System
Five Bucks vs. Millions to Level the Playing Field

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California – Fueled by disgust with the current system and unprecedented fundraising by big oil, big insurance and developers to swamp the airwaves with their perspective in the November election, grassroots outsiders of both parties are taking to the internet to raise five bucks at a time to support Proposition 89.

The internet campaign, called “Buck the System” is seeking to raise five dollars from 100,000 voters to counteract the special interest money that has been pouring into the No on 89 and other campaign coffers. And the campaign is succeeding. In its first hours, the campaign raised thousands of dollars and is being forwarded all over California.

“Buck the System is about average people saying ‘enough is enough.’ We’re fed up with the crisis of corruption in our government and we know that our voices will not get heard without money, so while the other side can turn to big oil, drug companies and tobacco companies, we turn to the people,” said Susan Lerner, executive director of California Clean Money Action Fund, one of Proposition 89’s key supporters.

If passed by California voters on November 7th, Proposition 89 would establish a voluntary “Clean Money” system for full public funding of election campaigns modeled upon successful programs already in place in Arizona and Maine and recently adopted by Connecticut. It is designed to level the election playing field, open up the ballot to more good candidates, and stop political corruption by making elected officials accountable to voters, not big money donors.

“This kind of campaign is a natural for the internet,” said veteran blogger Bob Brigham who blogs for Proposition 89. “It’s viral, it’s exciting and it’s David vs. Goliath. People of all political stripes are stepping up to say sure, I’ll give $5 to end political corruption.”

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