Thursday, January 22, 2015

Teacher Voice: Randi Weingarten, president, American Federation of Teachers

The American Labor Movement at a Crossroads.
Co sponsored by the Albert Shanker Institute, the AFT, the Hillman Foundation and others.
The American labor movement is at a critical juncture. After three decades of declining union density in the private sector and years of all-out political assaults on public sector unions, America’s unions now face what can only be described as existential threats. Strategies and tactics that may have worked in a different era are no longer adequate to today’s challenges. The need for different approaches to the fundamentals of union work in areas such as organizing, collective bargaining and political action is clear. The purpose of this conference is to examine new thinking and new  initiatives, viewing them critically in the light of ongoing union imperatives of cultivating member activism and involvement, fostering democratic self-governance and building the collective power of working people. Jan.15, 2015.
Sit down, watch, educate yourself.  Prepare DSA and working families  for the coming conflicts.
The conference has a number of leaders, including major DSA activists and former DSA leaders, to understand the  reality of unions today and organizing the working class.

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