Monday, September 01, 2014

Bee Editorial Board throws more bricks at Banda

The Bee Editorial Board on Sunday continued its impolite, nasty, commentary on the new Superintendent of  Schools in Sacramento- Jose Banda.
First, they continue with their whining that when asked why he was returning to California he mentioned the pension advantages.  He said much more, but the Bee editors are fixated on this.  They can’t keep themselves from throwing stones.
Then we learn that the Bee’s editorial board “ sat down with Banda last week to give him an opportunity to disabuse us of the notion.” Well, isn’t that nice . The royalty offered the commoner a chance to talk.
Next they offer their own suggestions.
1.     “Meet with the mayor right away.”  They go on to discuss Johnson’s role and that of his wife- Michelle Rhee from the perspective of the Editorial Board – none of whom work in schools.
Why should he start here?  Banda has met with the Bee, one of the Johnson’s chief cheerleaders.
It is far more important that he meet with teachers, students and administrators, which he is doing.

Yes, he needs a strong start. 
And the Bee editorial board keeps throwing bricks.  I wonder what their motives are?
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