Monday, January 23, 2012

Kevin Johnson and Students First ?

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“We need to say it's wrong, and if that doesn't work, engage in direct action, it's time to organize, demonstrate, and agitate…”  ~  Diane Ravitch, in Sacramento 1/20/12

Diane Ravitch’s extraordinary visit to Sacramento on Friday, Jan. 20,  left the 3000 people in attendance with a clear message of what those of us who care deeply about public education must do to stand up to and reject the privatization of our schools and the treatment of our children as commodities whose value is measured by “bubble tests.”   Michelle Rhee, disgraced former-chancellor of the Washington D.C. public schools and wife of Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, is the standard-bearer of the privateers, raising millions of dollars through her organization, StudentsFirst, from the likes of the Koch Bros and Rupert Murdoch to advance an agenda of  union-busting, school vouchers and public school give-aways to private interests.   The national headquarters of StudentsFirst happens to be located right here in Sacramento. 
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