Tuesday, January 10, 2012

California history textbooks ignore Mexican American History

The Sacramento Bee this morning has an article by Diane Lambert saying that schools are slow to implement the new state law to teach an accurate view of  Gay and Lesbian history.

Good luck on getting the history books revised.  California is currently using a 1987 History/Social Science Framework to guide the books.  That is before the fall of the Soviet Union. The current books and most teachers  almost completely ignore Latino history. The children of Mexican American and Latino citizens now make up almost 48% of the children in schools. 
See here: https://sites.google.com/site/democracyandeducationorg/chicano-mexican-american-digital-history-project/why-california-students-do-not-know-chicano-history
Relying upon the state, upon the legislature, and upon university departments of history is totally inadequate.

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Anonymous said...

First the facts are the US is a Republic, NOT a Democracy. If you will check the facts our founding fathers were dead against any form of Democracy. The word Democracy does NOT appear anywhere in the Constitution, the pledge to the flag states "for the Republic for which it stands" NOT for the Democracy for which it stands! Just by the title one knows the author doesn't even know what type of government we have or has an bias agenda!

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