Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oprah promotes Arizona, progressives boycott Arizona

Oprah Winfrey from time to time makes media exposure contributions to civil rights efforts.  She has also made extensive contributions to the fake “school reform” crowd of Bill Gates, Michele Rhee and others.
Today she had her Best Friends show.  All the members of the audience received a trip to an Arizona spa.
Apparently she does not know that many in the labor and Latino community are boycotting Arizona in protest of the anti immigrant, anti Latino legislation passed there.  That is unfortunate.  Perhaps you should send her an e mail and tell her of her contributions to the anti Latino campaigns.
Solidarity works when we work together.
Boycott Arizona

Groups that announced travel boycotts of Arizona:
                                Service Employees International Union
                                United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
                                National Council of La Raza
                                Asian American Justice Center
                                Center for Community Change
                                League of United Latin American Citizens
                                National Puerto Rican Coalition
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
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