Monday, April 04, 2011

National Teach In at Sac State

On Tuesday, April 5, over 185  universities,  schools and community groups will participate in a teach-in on debt, austerity and how people are fighting back hosted by Cornel West and Frances Fox Piven from 11Am- 2PM.  A national teach-in will be streamed live from New York City, followed by local teach-ins and strategy discussions around the country.

Our Sac State  event will be in the Foothill Suite  of the  University Union from 11am- 2pm, April 5. Sponsored by DSA and the Campus Progressive Alliance.

It will be used to build for CFA day of Class Action on April 13.

Wall Street Banks, American corporations and their political allies have declared a one-sided war on the American people. This war is being waged at our schools and colleges, the workplace and in our communities.

Today, we are all  working harder and earning less while corporate profits soar .

Please encourage your friends, colleagues, co-workers and students to participate.

For more information contact Duane Campbell at Or see our blog at 
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