Monday, October 04, 2010

Clean up the California budget mess

 The budget resolution being hammered out at the Capitol could have been completed and signed by July 1,2010. They are negotiating how schools will be repaid for past spending cuts- a Prop. 98 requirement, and how to deal with the 2.1 billion dollar tax  giveaway to the corporations last year.
This deal was not completed earlier because the two sides; Republicans and Democrats refused to compromise, and because of the 2/3 requirement to pass a budget which allowed the minority party (the Republicans) to block passage of any reasonable tax increase and to insist on harsh budget cuts.
Irrespective of how you support or do not support these tax devices, the 2/3 vote rule imposes minority rule on the legislature and produces these stalled budgets. Prop. 25 would eliminate the 2/3 vote rule for the budget.
Without the ability of a minority party to hold the budget hostage, the Democrats would have passed a budget in June, and the Republican governor would have used his line item veto to eliminate many programs.  At present the Governor is holding out for a deal that would cut pensions for state workers.  Only a 2/3 vote could overturn the line item vetoes.   We would be in the place we are now, but we would have been there in July.
I urge all to vote Yes and Prop. 25 and stop this minority rule.  It does not serve the people of California.  The majority should make decisions and should be held accountable.
I urge you to vote Yes on Prop 24.  This would take away the tax windfall given to several corporations in the budget negotiations last year.  The Republicans insisted on a tax windfall to large corporations  to get the needed 2/3 vote.
It is past time to fix the budget mess. Vote Yes on Prop. 25.
Duane Campbell
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