Friday, October 29, 2010

Ami Bera for Congress

Dr. Ami Bera is one of the few Democrats who might win a seat away from a sitting Republican Congressman.  Photo is of Ami Bera  and Professor Jim Shoch at a  Progressive Alliance  Election Forum on Thursday, October 28, in Sacramento.
The Democratic Congress as a whole is  assault from the Republicans. There are  several liberal and progressive Democratic elected officials who are likely to lose. 
(photo: Dr. Jim Shoch and Dr. Ami Bera) 

 There is an energized, right-wing assault from the Tea Party Republicans.
Big Oil joined with Wall Street to rescue one of their staunchest allies: Dan Lungren. Under the direction of Karl Rove's shadowy organization American Crossroads, these two corporate special interests began pouring thousands of hidden dollars into the Sacramento media market.

"Karl Rove, Big Oil and Wall Street lining up behind Dan Lungren confirms what voters already know -- Lungren is looking out for himself and his corporate campaign contributors, not middle class families," said Lucinda Guinn, Bera for Congress campaign manager.
American Crossroads is funded and operated almost exclusively by Wall Street special interests, corporate lobbyists, and Big Oil executives -- including a former Enron lobbyist, the owner of the financial investment giant AIG, and the manager of one of the world's largest hedge funds. As of June, 97% of the money American Crossroads raised came from four billionaires, including two oil and gas billionaires.
 Bera noted that his opponent  Dan Lungren has taken over $84,000 from the oil and gas industry, over $248,000 from the financial industry, and in return is doing their bidding in Congress -- voting in favor of a $2.6 billion tax break for Big Oil and against limits on executive compensation for bailed out banks. 
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