Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tales of Texas

  In March  the Texas Board of Education held hearings and adopted over protest new History /Social Studies guidelines moving   the textbook selection process of Texas  significantly to the right.  Dolores Huerta, retired Vice President of the Unite Farm Workers  was excluded from inclusion in Texas’ version of history because she is a known socialist- a member of DSA.  She was replaced in the list by Hellen Keller- also a known socialist.
One Commissioner voting for the tilt to the right says,
"When you are in a position, to make a contribution to the well being of the learner, Do It!,but I can tell you that ALL Children deserve quality education, even it it means uping the standards for ALL teachers. How will Texas fare, TEXAS will be FIRST IN MATH and FIRST in SCIECNE,because TEACHERS in Texas  make a difference."
Commissioner Quintanilla
The Commissioner believes Texas will be first in Math and first in Science, but she fails  spelling.

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