Sunday, November 29, 2009

Water deal requires a passage of bonds

A major water bill has been passed by the California  Legislature, led by local leader Darrell Steinberg.  It includes a 10.1 Billion water bond. We will vote on this bond proposal  in 2010.
Bonds are sold, and then  they must be repaid.  That is, in a future year, we will be paying billion for the bonds, plus interest.  This will repayment of debt will  come out of the budget before we pay for schools, health care, etc.

This water bill and the bond issue were crafted by Governor Schwarzenegger,  Senator Darrell Steinberg, and Speaker Karen Bass.
I see that major Republicans helped to pass this water bill; Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee and  Senator Denis Hollingsworth.  And, I recall that they voted against adequately funding the schools in the budget votes.  

So, I will vote against their  water bonds.
Now, Democrats too voted for this bill - including Steinberg.
They currently  have a 13 % approval rating by the public.
Although I voted for Steinberg,  he has not managed to lead during this state’s fiscal crisis.  Or, more precisely, he has tried to lead but failed to get the necessary votes of the governor and the Republicans.
  Well, we can play this game too.
Perhaps we should start a campaign;  If they will not support  quality education for the children, we  will not vote for their subsidized water.

No money for schools- no money for water bonds.

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