Sunday, November 08, 2009

Water bonds and school funding

A major water bill has been passed by the California  Legislature, led by local leader Darrell Steinberg.  It includes a 10.1 Billion water bond. We will vote on this bond proposal  in 2010.
Bonds are sold, and then  they must be repaid.  That is, in a future year, we will be paying billion for the bonds, plus interest.
This will come out of the budget before we pay for schools, health care, etc.

I see that major Republicans voted for this Water Bill. And, I recall that they voted against adequately funding the schools. So, I will vote against the water bonds.
Now, Democrats too voted for this bill - including Steinberg.
Well- they have a 13 % approval rating by the public.
That is about right. I don't find their opinion very convincing.
Perhaps we should start a campaign;
If they will not support  quality education for the children, I will not vote for their subsidized water.

No money for schools- no money for water bonds.
What do others think ? Is this  viable position?
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