Sunday, July 12, 2009

Governor proposes suspending Prop. 98

"Not once in the two decades since California's Proposition 98 school-funding formula became law have lawmakers bucked education groups to suspend it – so Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's push to do so has rocked the Capitol.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are rushing to embrace the idea, but with tax hikes off the table, there may be no easy alternative in bridging the state's $26.3 billion shortfall." The Sacramento Bee. Jim Sanders.
Even without suspending Prop 98, school funding has decreased from $56.5 billion to $50.7 billion.
In spite of the dramatic cuts in school spending, the Sacramento Bee editorial page accuses the Democratic Legislative leaders ( Bass and Stienberg) as being unwilling to lead.
Further cuts in school funding must be stopped.
The Governor and the Republicans incessantly demand more school budget cuts.
So, now I have 120 fewer Sheriffs to protect my neighborhood.
250 fewer teaches to assist school children, and cuts in higher education that will hurt the economy for decades.
Welcome to Mississippi. That is the kind of society the Republican legislators want to create.
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