Sunday, November 05, 2017

Do Not Cross Teachers' Picket Lines

Note: It is the policy of the College of Education at
CSU Sacramento that student teachers from Sac State will not cross picket lines to replace striking teachers.  Working inside a school where the professionals are on strike is not considered a safe nor educationally appropriate environment.
This should also apply to other volunteers in the Sacramento system.
University faculty who supervise student teachers are members of CFA ( NEA, SEIU.) There should be no crossing of picket lines.
Duane Campbell.  Professor (emeritus) CSU-Sacramento
See post below on the strike.

To the editor, Sacramento Bee 

In the current conflict in SCUSD, the District’s discussion of the budget and the Bee’s coverage are incomplete and lacking.
Yes, the District has at least $80 million in reserves.  The taxpayers passed Prop. 30 and 55 to adequately fund the schools.  Since 2013 the district has received an increase of revenues of   more than $67 million.
First, the professionals in the district deserve respect and a significant raise in pay. Second, what is missing?  Over $10 million per year of this increase is funded by the state taxpayers under the Local Control Funding Formula. LCFF.
By law, these funds must be spent to improve the education of children by lowering class size, and focusing on low income, English Language Learners, foster children, and Special Education. The district has refused repeated requests to spend the funds as required.

Now, the chickens have come home to roost.
Duane Campbell

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