Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Critical Budget Cuts Coming

The California Budget and Policy Center is hosting its annual budget preview on line. http://calbudgetcenter.org

A major crisis is approaching as the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress promises to cut the Affordable Care Act.  Some 4 million in California will loose their health care and be pushed to county clinics- a true disaster.
All health care services for this 4 million will be drastically reduced. this will produce a $16 Billion shortfall in the state budget.
This is a crisis in health care greater than the crisis in state school spending during the Great Recession.
Note: For those of you who did not vote- millions of your neighbors and family members will now lose their health care and other support programs as a consequence of the House Republican budget.
It is difficult to predict how and where the cuts will come.
At the same time, the House budget and the Trump proposals will produce big tax cuts at the federal level for high income individuals and corporations.
The crisis of the repeal of the ACA ( or Obama Care) will produce a crisis in the California state budget.  All budget programs and areas will be subject to cuts. 

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