Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Stop Trump's Wall

The Berlin Wall symbolized cold war between the east and west through 1989. The Wall in Jerusalem symbolizes undeclared war today between Israelis and Palestinians.
Completing the Border Wall would be a step towards militarization of the relationship between the US and Mexico and a harbinger of things to come.
The US Mexico Border Is Under Control and Stable
The fact is the US-Mexico border is already under control according to US official reports. Numerous laws and appropriations have been enacted over the last 15 years by the US Congress and three Presidents from both parties resulting in construction of 700 miles of wall and quadrupling the border guard to nearly 20,000 members today. Radar and drones are already in use.

Register and Vote. 
With a Trump victory, we face a serious growth in officially sanctioned racism and anti immigrant prejudice.  Trump’s campaign has made an anti immigrant narrative acceptable in the main stream media- and this strategy works.  It mobilizes right wing voters.

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