Thursday, June 09, 2016

In Defense of Public Education

In just a few weeks, thousands of educators, parents and activists—including many friends and supporters of Rethinking Schools—will gather in Washington, DC for three days of action in defense of public education. Rethinking Schools editor Jesse Hagopian will be a featured speaker, along with Jonathan Kozol, Karen Lewis, Diane Ravitch, Rev. William J. Barber II, and many others. We urge all of you who can to support these events:
A People's March for Public Education and Social Justice on July 8
Save Our Schools Activists Conference on July 9
Coalition Summit and Organizing Session on July 10
In an election year filled with daily examples of how desperately our nation and our planet need stronger movements for democracy and social justice, Rethinking Schools is pleased to support the coalition’s call for:
Full, equitable funding for all public schools
Safe, racially just schools and communities
Community leadership in public school policies
Professional, diverse educators for all students
Child-centered, culturally appropriate curriculum for all
No high-stakes standardized testing
These are themes Rethinking Schools readers will readily recognize as part of every issue we have published for over 30 years. We urge you to support these movement-building efforts and to help Rethinking Schools connect with new layers of activists and advocates from across the country.

In solidarity,
Stan Karp
Rethinking Schools

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