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k-12 Education Budget- The Governor's May Revise

California. The Governor’s May Revise. Education Funding- From Dept. of Finance.
With the passage of Proposition 30, the 2012‐13 and 2013‐14 budgets will reinvest in, rather than cut, education funding. From 2011‐12 through 2016‐17, the Proposition 98 minimum funding guarantee will increase from $47.3 billion to $66.5 billion, an increase of more than $19 billion.
For K‐12 schools, funding levels will increase by $2,754 per student through 2016‐17. As shown in Figure INT‐01, the May Revision increases funding for higher education by between $1,503 and $2,491 per student through 2016‐17.

Spending per Student 

Community Colleges
S10, 630



Funding increase


Figure INT-01
[Editor’s note.  Actual figures for prior years.  K-12 education.
2007/2008.  $9,158.            2008/ 2009.  $7, 712.]

Budget Increases Funding Per Student
The May Revision provides $1,046 more per K‐12 student in 2013‐14 than was provided in 2011‐12, with an additional $170 dollars per student to support the implementation of the Common Core—new standards for evaluating student achievement in English‐language arts and math. The upcoming Budget also provides the opportunity to correct historical inequities in school district funding. In January, the Governor’s Budget proposed an overhaul of school funding to create a more just allocation of resources and increase local flexibility. The May Revision makes modest modifications to this Local Control Funding Formula to address issues raised over the past few months—the basic approach remains the same. All California school districts can improve under this formula with new ongoing funding based on the number of students served. By committing the most new funding to districts serving English language learners, students from low‐income families, and foster youth, the formula ensures that the students most in need of help have an equal opportunity for a quality education.
Source  http://www.dof.ca.gov/documents/2013-14_May_Revision.pdf

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