Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bee editorial - New Pressure for Teacher Quality

The Sacramento Bee editors on May 20, issued another of their pronouncements on schools in an essay titled, "New Pressure for Teacher Quality,"
That the Bee editorial writers and Pia Lopez endorse the lobbying group that calls itself students first is not a surprise. They have long been in this camp which ignores the reality of classrooms. You can choose to follow the lead of the politicians, the Bee Editorial Board, and even "Democrats for School Reform," or you can choose to seek to improve the quality of teaching and learning. The Politicians, including our Democratic Leaders, argue about laws such as those listed. At the same time, these politicians vote to cut the funds of schools by $1,000 per student.  That is some $32,000 per classroom. Politicians and fake school reformers argue that their laws will make a difference. Yet, the cuts in school funding make more of a negative difference.  The politicians, and the Bee Editorial Board has abandoned the schools in favor of a gimmick and a headline. Where are the leaders of our state? See reports on who funds these "leaders" at the Democracy and Education Institute site.

As noted below:
Common core standards is what the politicians talk about while cutting school budgets.  Such standards do not teach a single student. Similarly "teacher quality" is what the funded advocates talk about. They don't work in schools and they don't improve schools. 
Two interesting essays there on the funding of school "reform" advocates. 

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