Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sacramento Public Schools in Crisis- workshop

Sacramento Public Schools in Crisis:
False Promises; Real Solutions
A presentation and panel discussion on the crisis in public education and what activists can do to prevent the privatization of public education.
Tues. May 24.  6;30- 8: Pm.
Sol Collective. 2574 21st. Street. Sacramento.
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Politicians and editorial writers discuss the school crisis and the  economic crisis as if  the crisis is a neutral act, or as if a natural act.  Like rain or snow.  The school budgets are  a disaster not because of   some natural phenomena.  The crisis was created by people and policies of our government and of the financial system.

"The reality is that we got into this mess because of an overwhelming excess of greed and stupidity on the part of the Wall Street bankers and the people deciding economic policy. We continue to face excessive rates of unemployment because of a continuing reluctance to pursue policies that can restore the economy to health.”says economist Dean Baker.

California will need to extend the current  taxes to fund the schools and to repair the social safety net.  Anti tax radicals and Republicans  oppose any tax increases and they oppose allowing these issues to be placed on the ballot so the people can vote. 
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