Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bee's faulty campaign on teacher layoffs

The Bee's editorial position is strange. Jan.27. They  assert that the lay off priority process for teachers is wrong. They  argue that students have a constitutional right to quality education. At the same time they  accept without push back the massive lay off of teachers. These lay offs increase class size and degrade the rights of the students. The Bee should address the bigger picture, how can we stop these massive layoffs? Its the state budget. Governor Brown’s central argument that the money is not there is inaccurate.  The money is there if the state is willing to collect the revenue.  Here is a list of sources for at $26 billion dollars.
It is a major mistake to make deep, immediate budget cuts in the middle of recession. This will make the recession worse. Instead,  we need to build the promise of California.
  That promise is a good education for all, a good  job for all,  the opportunity to have  a rewarding career, and the chance for a life that is more than simply the workplace.  The austerity paradigm underlying the tax and budget cut mania, which the Bee  accepts,   does not promote good jobs nor  rewarding   careers for teachers, police, firefighters, nurses.    It will make the recession worse.

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