Monday, September 13, 2010

Are California schools failing?

Today’s press  reports  gives API scores for  the state and local schools.  Here is some important information. 
State averages mean little.   A report on how the state is doing is here This site also explains what the various test scores mean.
The cde is very generous in describing progress.  When you compare these scores to how California students score on nationwide test, such as the NAEP, California students do not do so well.
 I encourage you tolLook at the performance of your school.  Looking at district averages is almost meaningless.  The score of a school tells you how well the school as a whole is functioning.
Look for the report of your individual students’ scores.  They are to arrive in the mail. A school may be working well  or poorly. However, of first interest is how well is your student performing.  You can influence this.
Here is a list of ways you can assist your student. From CTA. The California Teachers Association.
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