Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Steve Poizner campaigns for Tea Party votes in the foothills

And, he gets votes for this in Shingle Springs and the Foothills. Click on the title above to see the talk.
We  should recognize that distrust of the government is legitimate because on economic issues the government  too often represents the oligarchy.  While we  separate ourselves from those who would respond to the distrust, discontent, and anger with domestic terrorism- such as  the militia movements- the anger itself is legitimate.  However, when  the anger is only focused on the government, and not also on Wall Street and corporate America, then clearly the group is being manipulated.  If the anger  targets racial and ethnic group, or at immigrants,  then they do not understand global economics nor solidarity- and quite likely they are being used.  Our task  is to  develop an  effective anger and resistance .

The Tea Party Activists and their Republican funders promote  conflicts over  issues of immigration,  teachers’ unions, public workers pensions, and big government as substitutes for the  critical  economic problems.  These false choices work, they mobilize, because they seem to offer an explanation – albeit a false one- to the very real economic pain of working people.  Our task is to point out that  the U.S. and eventually world wide financial crisis was caused by the greed and the theft of a few very rich operatives.    The oligarchy caused the unemployment ( not immigrants), the economic losses, the off shoring of production jobs,  the cuts in services to the poor, to families,  and to the unemployed. 
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