Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax day and Tea Parties

Hey. Tea Party advocates. You forgot to notice:

You probably paid more taxes than ExxonMobil this year. Seriously.
That's probably because they spent a lot more money lobbying Congress than you did. In fact, last year, they spent over $27 million in lobbying so they could take home a bigger chunk of the $284 billion they made.1
And they aren't the only corporation to dodge their tax bill through offshore accounts and shell companies. Far from it.2 
The good news is that President Obama has been trying to close loopholes that allow corporations to get away with this kind of highway robbery.3 
But there are still too many lobbyists in DC fighting against him. That's why we're launching this petition to show how fed up we are with lobbyists rigging the system and demand that they take action before next Tax Day.
See the petition at
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