Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CTA Joins statewide protests on March 4

The California Teachers Association has joined the call for a March  4 Day
of Action...

From: “David A. Sanchez” <>
Subject: Urgent: CTA Leads Statewide Day of Action on March 4 for
Students and California’s Future

We’re just one month into the New Year and it is already a tough  budget
year for public education with the governor’s recently  proposed budget
shorting public schools and colleges by more than  $2.4 billion — that’s
on top of the $17 billion cut over the last  two years.  CTA is taking a
stand against these cuts by joining in a  statewide day of action for our
students and the future of  California on March 4.

The CTA Board of Directors approved the recommendation from State  Council
to participate in a spring statewide day of action to  support funding for
public education and other social services. We  are asking every member to
participate in demonstrations and  activities at their school on the
morning of March 4 before school  starts. We are asking you to help lead
this effort and “Start the  Day for Students” as part of our ongoing
campaign to make our voices  heard about the painful effects of these cuts
on students and  teaching, and to engage our communities in supporting
public  education and building a better California for all of us.

We must also use this day as part of our first step toward reforming  the
state’s tax structure and providing additional revenues for  schools,
colleges and other critical services. This starts with  closing the
corporate tax breaks that were handed out to the state’s  largest
corporations last year. When class sizes are increasing,  educators are
being laid off and taxpayers are paying more, everyone  must be paying
their fair share.

Take urgent action now to save our students and our future.  Join  “Start
the Day for Students” on March 4! We must stand up for  students, public
education and our future.

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