Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is wrong with Race to the Top ?

What is wrong with SBX5 1 ?

Both teachers unions, representing people who actually work with children, find the Brownley approach better than the Romero-Schwarzenegger approach SBx5, 1. 

The Romero bill SBX5 1, and Race to the Top, is a further extension of  No Child Left Behind, the corporate sponsored school reform effort of the last decade.
The Bush Administration  NCLB) legislation has consistently and significantly failed to meet the its own goals of improving student achievement, particularly in low income schools.
  The policy relied heavily on the use of dogmatic standards and high stakes testing to the detriment of quality teaching and learning.  Search on this blog for more on NCLB, there are dozens of posts.  California has some of the highest standards and the lowest achievement in the nation.  The gap between the most and least successful schools  and students has widened.

Romero’s legislation seeks to  change California law to make it compatible with the Obama Administration Race to the Top (RTTT) initiative an extension and an acceleration of No Child Left Behind. RTTT increases reliance on high stakes testing, and seeks  to unfairly and invalidly tie such test  results to evaluation of teachers.
 A teacher who has primarily low income English Language learners will have significantly different scores than a teacher with upper middle class college bound students.
The Brownley bill calls for Charter Schools to be evaluated as are other schools. 
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