Sunday, June 28, 2009

Constitutional Convention ?

The Forum Section of the Sacramento Bee for June 28,2009, includes extensive discussions of two of the major proposals for constitutional reform. It is positive that the press is sharing this important information.
It is inaccurate to present these two alternatives as the available options. This is framing the issues.
We- the citizen press- should make certain that we are not restricted by this framing.
For example, the proposed Constitutional convention advocates would exclude re consideration of the 2/3 rule to pass a budget and to raise taxes. And, they propose to select, not elect delegates to the convention.
By Malcolm Maclachlan | 06/25/09 12:00 AM PST
Capitol Weekly
Citing political pressures, the business group pushing the idea of a constitutional convention for the state has begun efforts to hand off that effort to an independent committee.

The Bay Area Council has been championing the idea since last August. More recently, they have found themselves embroiled in a contentious debate over whether a convention should be allowed to consider the property tax limits in 1978’s Proposition 13. This question culminated in an early June conference call with anti-tax groups who threatened to derail the effort.

“We don’t want to get electrocuted on one of third rails of California politics,” said John Grubb, a spokesman for the Council. “We want a neutral process to determine what will be in the constitutional convention.”
See the entire article on Capitol Weekly.
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