Tuesday, March 03, 2009

SEIU on California Prop 1 A

Prop 1A, the budget cap, will force ongoing cuts

SEIU strenuously opposed the budget cap that the Governor and
the legislature hastily drew up as part of the bad budget deal
without any review. If approved by voters in a May 19 Special
Election, the budget cap, or Prop. 1A, will divert billions of
our tax dollars away from our schools, colleges, home care, and
healthcare, even in bad years. As a result, our schools,
healthcare, and other vital public services will face even
deeper cuts in the future and will never recover from this

SEIU has a consistent record of opposing budget caps. As the
front line caregivers and providers of vital services, SEIU
members know first hand that we can't afford to lock in the cuts
of recent years. Ranked 47th in school spending, dead last in
healthcare reimbursements for doctors and hospitals, and among
the lowest in the nation in college graduation, California
cannot continue to keep on starving our schools, colleges,
healthcare, and other vital services.
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