Monday, October 08, 2007

Media campaign

On Monday, Oct. 8, 4 major newspapers carried news stories or editorials bemoaning the risisng costs of education at the U.C. ( See below).
the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, the Sacramento Bee, the Ventura County press, and the San Diego Union- among others.
This convergence is not likely to be an accident. There is a campaign here.
The Sacramento Bee editorial rebukes Treasurer Bill Lockyer- for his description of alternatives. Fair enough.
here is another alternative not mentioned in the MSM.

If Lockyer, Schwarzenegger and others wish to privatize the U.C.,
we should insist that the new private owners repay the people’s investment.
Lets see. 120 years of investment + interest.
And then, we have legislators educated at U.C. Pete Wilson paid $50 per semester for law school. The present cost is $24,000 per year. So, , each of these legislators should repay 24,000 per year ( the current cost) X 3 years. And, add interest.
And a similar bill for each medical graduate and MBA graduate.
And then, there is the value of the property.

To do any less would be “ a gift of public funds”, and illegal.
Duane Campbell
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