Monday, June 25, 2007

Choosing a candidate

Deciding on a candidate.
After watching the presentations of leading Democratic Party candidates at the Take Back America Conference,

I was prepared to decide on a candidate for the California Democratic Primary in February. I have a preference.
However, I am frustrated. Each of the major candidates are taking and are relying upon corporate money. They are passing on public financing. I understand that each feels a need to be competitive. But, I can’t get past the influence of corporate money in our elections. I have no reason to support a corporate candidate. I resent that our democracy has been reduced to a place where the corporations through money decide which of the candidates we choose between.
Al Gore, in his new book, Appeal to Reason, describes well the way money influences media buys and candidate selection. So, I am stuck. Advice is welcome.
I am also reading and writing for the revision of my book, Choosing Democracy. I am working on the role of democracy and schools. More on this in future posts.
Also, see the prior post on a Fall conference.
Duane Campbell
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