Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Low Pay is threat to federal courts- and schools

How poignant. “Pay for federal judges is so inadequate that it threatens to undermine the judiciary’s independence.” Says Chief Justice John Roberts. (Sac Bee, January 1,2007)
Lets see, judges are paid $165,000, 175,000 and $203,000 each.
A new teacher in California starts at around $37,000 and average teacher earns about $45,000 per year.
Which is most valuable to you? Is it a judge who you might encounter once or twice in your life? Or, is it a teacher who will be caring for your child every day for 185 days per year, for about 12 years?
Yes, judges deserve better pay, right after teachers get a pay increase to about $100,000 per year.
And the pay of California legislators- well that’s another story.

Duane Campbell
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