Thursday, October 05, 2006

Charlie Brown in the 4th. District

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Charlie Brown is demanding that Rep. John Doolittle, who's too cowardly to even face him in a televised debate, to return a campaign donation from Mark Foley's Political Action Committee.
Now the donation is a mere $1,000. I think Abramoff would tip Doolittle that for walking him to his car. But the point is that Brown is campaigning with the aggressive, take-no-prisoners, seize-every-opportunity streak we've come to expect from Republicans. From his multitude of creative websites to his non-stop attacks on Doolittle's involvement with the CNMI, Brown is attacking hard but also putting the entire thing into an easy-to-read narrative. From his email to supporters:

"This is an absolute moral outrage," said Brown. "Any Member of Congress, Democrat or Republican, who had knowledge of Congressman Foley's illicit behavior and took no action should resign. There is no excuse for putting political considerations before protecting children," Brown said. He called for an independent, non-partisan investigation into the issue.
"This Congress is losing the moral authority to lead – every day the news is about corruption, bribery, campaign-finance scandals and cover ups," Brown continued. "This is not about left versus right, it's about right versus wrong. It's long past time for a change."

I can't help but be impressed with Brown's skills as a campaigner and a candidate. His rapid response team is ridiculously good. He's skilled at grabbing free media attention by attacking his opponent's weak points and not letting go.

There is no way Charlie Brown should have a shot in CA-04. It's redder than red. But contesting everywhere has a great benefit, by freeing up the Democrat in question to absolutely go for broke.

I don't make predictions often, but I really think that Charlie Brown will be the next Congressman from California's 4th District.

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