Thursday, May 11, 2006

Democrats: What does full funding mean?

Dan Weintraub of the BEE makes this statement on his blog after the recent debates:

"Anyway, both candidates are still talking a lot about "fully funding" the schools without saying how that would differ from what Schwarzenegger is proposing. Especially Westly. Angelides is on the record saying he would give the schools more in ongoing funding than even the CTA is asking for. But Westly has said he would fund the existing Prop. 98 guarantee and then work out a plan to restore, over time, about $3 billion that the education lobby has said the state owed the schools. Now Schwarzenegger has done that, effectively taking the issue off the table if Westly is the nominee. And if Angelides is the nominee, he will presumably stick to his argument that we should raise taxes on the wealthy and business and give more money to the schools."

In any case, the question is correct. What is full funding? Keep asking until we get an answer before voting.
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