Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Weintraub reports one side of the story

this from Daniel Weintraub's blog at the Sacramento Bee.
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Sacramento Bee Columnist Daniel Weintraub

July 12, 2005

"CSU happy with its budget
These are lean times for some programs in state government, and the past few years, overall, have been tight. But this newsletter from the Cal State University System suggests that they, at least, are quite pleased with the budget they have just been handed.

Among the highlights:

Enough money for 10,000 new students.

Pay raises for CSU employees and more money for benefits.

More financial aid."

The Rest of the Story
This is a tale that the administration of the CSU, who do not work on campuses and do not teach students, are happy with the Schwarzenegger budget. They have been happy all along. It was the faculty who opposed the budget cuts last year and the reduced appropriations this year.
The opposition has come from the faculty and the students.
The Weintraub view- the administration is the university.

The traditional academic view- The faculty are the university. And, Weintraub is not listening.
Both views leave out how you gauge the student viewpoint.
Duane Campbell
Faculty member. CSU-Sacramento.
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