Friday, May 06, 2011

Free Fall- Educational opportunities in California

Summary from the new report of UCLA Accord Center:
California Educational Opportunity Report.

Core Findings from our Surveys and Interviews:
• California high schools are providing less time and attention and fewer quality programs. As a consequence, student
engagement, achievement, and progress to graduation and college are suffering;
• School reform has all but sputtered to a halt due to staff cutbacks and the elimination of time for professional development;
• Even as high schools across the state are impacted by declining budgets, inequality is growing across and within schools;
• California’s high schools face growing demands from families experiencing economic crisis; these demands point to the interrelationship
of California’s education and social welfare budgets.
Rogers, J., Bertrand, M., Freelon, R., Fanelli, S. (2011). Free Fall: Educational Opportunities in 2011.
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