Monday, May 16, 2011

Inside Job Trailer 2010 HD

We viewed the film on Friday sponsored by the Progressive Alliance and DSA.  It is a great video.
Many viewers were frustrated.  They asked- well what can we do?
I made a list of possible responses.  I encourage additional ideas.

10 Things you and I can do to turn this state around.
1.     Vote against the Republicans.
2.     Search for progressive Democrats.
3.     Talk to your neighbors about the issues.
4.     Shut off Fox News.
5.     Move your money to a credit union.
6.     Join a union.  Or, a union support group. www.aflcio.org

7.     Sit quietly for 10 minutes per day. Shut off all radio, TV, telephone.Think about additional ways to promote economic democracy.
8.     Copy this list.  Give it to friends, neighbors, colleagues. ( do not send via e mail. Personally give it to them).
9.     Post suggestions of Facebook, twitter, etc.
10. Go see Inside Job. – then take action.
11. Join an organization working for economic and social justice. ( Like DSA).
12. Think of 2 additional ways to promote economic justice. Post them on your list.

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