Thursday, September 14, 2006

Public power for Yolo County, Like SMUD

* **Why is SMUD better for Yolo County ? *

*Compared to PG&E, SMUD is better for six simple reasons. *

* 1.** **SMUD is democratic*

*2. SMUD's top executives are in it for the service, not the money.*

*3. SMUD is greener.* The Yolano Sierra Club chapter supports SMUD expansion to Yolo County.

*4.* *SMUD charges less.*

*5. * *SMUD has more reliable service*

*6. * *SMUD has happier customers*

*The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The whole country is watching. *

*People who want to help should call 530-757-6609 or email the Coalition for Local Power at . For more information go to or . *

— Dan Berman is a Davis resident. He has been active with the Citizens Task Force on Energy issues and helped found the Coalition for Local Power ( ), an /ad hoc /citizens group which has advocated public power solutions for Yolo County since 1997. His book WHO OWNS THE SUN? is available in all local libraries and on-line at .
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