Thursday, September 07, 2006

Interesting union politics

Interesting politics.
The California state AFL-CIO has taken a Take no position on Prop. 89. California Clean elections campaign.
My own union, California Faculty Association, has taken a Take No Position stand.
The largest union in California, the California Teachers Association has taken a Vote No position.

Phil Angelides has taken a vote Yes position.
The California Nurses Association is a leader in the yes campaign.

The state AFL-CIO took a Vote No position, but provided little campaigning for No on 187; the anti immigrant ballot of 1994. Instead they worked hard on Prop. 186, a single payer health initiative.
The state AFL-CIO took a Vote No position on Prop. 209; Anti Affirmative Action, but they provided little campaigning. Instead, they worked hard on Prop. 210 to raise the minimum wage.

How do you explain the AFL-CIO position?
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