Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The campaign for Prop. 89

What's the problem with politics in California? Corruption.

Politicians from both parties are caught up in scandals and corruption. The Legislature in Sacramento is working for their politcal donors, not for you. Special interests—like the big oil, drug, and tobacco companies—have too much influence. Even worse, this influence results in price raises at the pump, higher utility costs, and stifled innovation in phone and television service. It's time for a change!
What's the solution? Proposition 89.

Proposition 89 - POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS. PUBLIC FINANCING. CORPORATE TAX INCREASE. CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION AND EXPENDITURE LIMITS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. - Vote YesProp. 89 creates a level and fair playing field for California elections and reduces the influence of lobbyists and special interests in our state. It:

1. Bans contributions to candidates by lobbyists and contractors.
2. Restricts contributions by corporations, unions, and individuals to candidates and to outside groups running negative ads.
3. Lets candidates who reject contributions from big money donors run for office using “clean money” public grants.

And if politicians break the law, they can be thrown out of office and even put in jail.

Interested in fighting to end corruption? Join our movement!
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