Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Back to School speech


Ok. All you conspiracy theorists, stand up. Now, the speech by the President has been made. (see transcipt below)
You can come out of your self inflicted panic. The U.S. is strong. The U.S. schools are improving.
The President talked about students own responsibility. Students need to hear about personal responsibility. I hope that you were listening. You need some focus on personal responsibility.
The paranoia and panic were silly.
The President talking to students was totally appropriate.
It is not a "cult of personality", as you accused. It was not a plot, nor subversive.
Your attacks were mean spirited and nasty.
Take a chill pill, and grow up.
BTW. Your panic probably increased the attention to the speech by at least 4 times. That is, this speech would have passed with a yawn by hundreds of thousands of kids. Now, they are watching it.
You scream, you lose !
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