Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Atlanta Teachers' union: a viewpoint

The Atlanta, Ga. Teachers Union.

WARNING: MACE is the kick-ass teachers union, and MACE does not think that you can have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions! If you are squeamish, faint of heart, and are not disgusted by how angry and arrogant administrators abuse classroom educators, then you need to EXIT this website immediately. This website is not for those who are easily offended by MACE’s aggressive style. MACE has been dubbed “a radical teachers union” by the media. Well, MACE feels that it is radically wrong for the administrators to allow students (1) to curse out teachers (using the most vile language), (2) to physically assault teachers (as well as fellow students on a regular basis), (3) to falsely accuse teachers so that they themselves can be exempted from doing any real school work, (4) to cheat on exams and school work with total impunity, and (5) to expect the teachers to be blamed for all of their own failures, be they in academics or comportment. MACE believes that this current BLAME THE TEACHER CULTURE is radically wrong and that radical measures have to be employed accordingly. MACE radically defends classroom educators. Radically, not illegally. MACE is always armed with the U. S. Constitution and the State Statutes. The problem is that so many school systems are “gangsta” by their nature and in their scope. School systems have tried to “ban,” to no avail, MACE and its officials. MACE officials have been falsely arrested and falsely incarcerated standing up for teachers. Most of the charges are summarily dismissed. Not one charge has been prosecuted. What other so-called unions (full of abusing administrators in their membership ranks) fight for teachers like MACE? MACE believes in No Teacher Left Behind. MACE. Radical Responses to Radical Situations. MACE. The Teachers Union For Teachers Teaching In Tough Situations. MACE believes that angry and abusive administrators are ruining our public schools and that student-thugs are running our public schools. There is epidemic violence in our public schools. Children deserve futures, not funerals. So many of today’s administrators simply lack guts; they are weasels. They kiss up to the students, the sudents’ parents, and their administrative bosses downtown, but they kick down toward the teachers. Kiss up & Kick Down. They actually think that this is how you run a school. These so-called administrators are gutless and clueless. This is MACE’s position. So, be WARNED.

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