Saturday, November 11, 2006

I am not buying it!

I am not buying it.
The last decade has been a time of extremely partisan battles in Congress and in the government. The U.S. House was directed with an iron hand; the hammer. Committee agenda were held up, alternative views were shut out, votes were manipulated. Major legislation was slammed through without debate. Vote suppression strategies were used.
On the war persons who said the strategy was wrong, or that the U.S. needed a strategy were rebuked and their patriotism attacked like John Murtha and Senator Kerry.
Now the Democrats have won a clear majority in the House and a razor thin majority in the Senate.
Now George Bush, Dick Chenney and the Republicans are calling for bi-partisan cooperation as if bi-partisanship was a new positive value.
Well these folks would have nothing of bi-partisanship while they controlled Congress. Remember the threats to break the filibuster in the Senate?
Now that they have lost they are suddenly in favor of civility, cooperation and trutst.
It looks and smells like a fraud to me.
I think that the new Democratic majorities should use no more partisanship than was used against them for the last decade- and no less.
Duane Campbell
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