Monday, August 21, 2006

Free Film:Nurses Vrs. Arnold

Prop 89 is the best thing to come along in ages, it will help clean up CA politics as similar laws have done in Arizona and Maine. Please support it and pass this on.

Don't miss the showing of "Nurses vs. Arnold: Terminating Political Corruption" showing for free at the Crest Theatre on Thursday, August 24th. This film was produced by award-winning producer Robert Greenwald and documents the historic struggle the California Nurses Association (CNA) engaged in with Arnold Schwarzenegger and which is widely credited with sparking Schwarzenegger's fall in approval ratings from near 70% to 35%. The film will premiere simultaneously in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Sacramento.

CNA is sponsoring Proposition 89, "Clean Money" on the November 2006 ballot. Proposition 89, the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, sets tougher limits on contributions from corporations, unions and private individuals and establishes provides public financing for candidates who reject private money. It also closes current campaign finance loopholes and bars contributions to candidates by professional lobbyists and state contractors. It contains tough penalties for candidates who break the law, including jail time and removal from office.

The purpose of showing this film is to energize and mobilize a massive grassroots organizing campaign around the state that will bring thousands of activists together in hundreds of house parties and other venues to fight for the passage of Prop. 89, and will also be distributed to activists online.

Support CNA and Proposition 89 by attending this premiere on Thursday, August 24th at the Crest Theatre…remember, it’s free!

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