Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Corporate owned political parties

From Joe Costello on the site www.ofbyandfor.org

The nihilistic cynicism of American politics was laid bare today, again, with the decision of Judge J. Frederick Motz against the state of Maryland and in favor of the Walmart Corporation. Judge Motz, a Reagan appointee, said the state of Maryland had no business telling Walmart they needed to provide healthcare for their employees.

Of course this is an appointee of the Reagan Revolution -- states' rights and all of that. It reveals the real Reagan, he of unfettered corporate power, which has since been carried on by both Bushes, Clintons, and the Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

Of course this cynicism is no worse than that of the DC Democrats. The DSCC and DCCC, who want to talk about the culture of corruption, all the time they are sucking corporate money as fast as possible. If you vote for a Democrat this November based on corruption, you're being played.

So instead of wasting your vote this November, go knock on your neighbor's door, ask them what we're going to do about the war, energy, and self-government -- it's only us folks.
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