Saturday, May 27, 2006

Voter recommendations

Sacramento Progressive Alliance

Progressive Voter Guide

Recomendations for California Primary Election -- Tuesday, June 6, 2006

State Offices:

Governor: Phil Angelides, clearly the more progressive candidate. He led the fight against Arnold Schwarzenegger assault on teachers, nurses, and fire fighters.

Secretary of State: Deborah Bowen.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Sara Knopp. The incumbent is the author of the legislation requiring a high school exit exam and an advocate of the current school accountability programs. We oppose him.

Congressional races:

3rd. C.D. Dr. Bill Durston

4th. C.D. Charlie Brown.

11th C.D. Jerry McNerney

Assembly Seats:

Robert Haswell. 4th. AD.

County Board of Supervisors:

Larry Carr, 2nd District

Sacramento City Council:

Lauren Hammond, 5th District


Prop. 81. Library Bonds: Yes

Provides funds to build public libraries.

Prop. 82. Pre School for All: Yes.

Provides free, voluntary, quality pre school for all 4 year olds in California.

Prepared by Dr. Duane Campbell, Chair of the Sacramento Progressive Alliance Electoral Committee, and adopted by the General Board.
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