Thursday, September 15, 2005

School funding gaps

From EdTrust West

Hidden Gap - California
Dear Friends,

The hidden teacher-spending gap data that you're about to see provoke all sorts of responses, some emotional and uncomfortable. For many, these data are hard to hear. We know that many of our partners and friends, Superintendents, school board members, state and local policymakers, teacher leaders, and educators among them, have worked hard to change the patterns of teacher distribution in their districts, only to have their proposals rejected at the bargaining table or by other constraints.

But we've got to remove the constraints and change these patterns. These reports are not about blaming any one entity or group of individuals for slow progress. Rather, by elevating this issue to public attention, we're trying to do what good advocacy organizations do for good leaders: strengthen their hands by giving them additional information and ammunition to use as they work to change long-standing patterns and practices that run counter to the public interest.

Listen to the Press Conference held September 14, 2005 (MP3 File)

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