Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Corporate attacks on teachers and other working people

Yes, Arnold is injured. But, he is far from out. These are the items which will be on the ballot.

NO on Proposition 74: The “Punish New Teachers Act” is an
unnecessary measure that does nothing to improve student learning or
deal with the real problems facing our schools. Instead, it punishes new
teachers by denying them the right to have a hearing before they are fired
during their first five years of teaching. There is already a system in place
to fire teachers who are not performing in the classroom, no matter how
long they’ve been on the job. This initiative will simply drive teachers out
of the profession in California. It unfairly singles out teachers as the
problem in our public schools, when many classrooms are still badly
underfunded and students are denied the basic resources they need.
• NO on Proposition 75: Governor Schwarzenegger and his corporate
special interest allies are trying to silence the voices of working people
with the “Paycheck Deception Act.” This unnecessary initiative just adds
more red tape to try and deter working people from participating in the
political process. Workers ALREADY have the option of not spending
dues money on politics – the Governor wants to make it nearly impossible
for working people to have a voice in the political process. The Governor
cannot win on the issues that Californians care about, so instead he is
trying to silence the strong voices of his opposition.
• NO on Proposition 76: The Governor’s Power Grab Initiative, or the
“Education and Health Services Cuts Act” would devastate our public
schools and other vital services, slashing funding for these priorities while
protecting unnecessary pork projects. It cuts school funding by over $40
billion in ten years - $6,000 per student, leading to more overcrowded
classrooms, teacher layoffs, and fewer textbooks and classroom
materials. Our schools lost two billion dollars when Governor
Schwarzenegger broke his promise to repay the money he took from
education, and if this initiative passes, the Governor will never have to
repay that money to our schools. It does even more damage to our
schools by overturning the voter-approved Proposition 98, eliminating the
funding guarantee for education, which will lead to more overcrowded
schools, teacher layoffs, and fewer textbooks and classroom materials. It
also cuts funding for local government –– cutting police and firefighters.

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