Friday, July 08, 2005

Arnie's initiatives now have numbers

The campaigns begin.
Contact Alliance for a Better California at 916- 443-7817. Or your local union.

Prop. 74. Public School Teachers Waiting Period for Permanent Status. Dismissal.

Prop. 75. Public Employees Union dues restrictions. Prevents public emplyee unions from using their members funds for political campaigns.

• Governor Schwarzenegger and his corporate special interest allies are trying to silence the voices of working people with the his Prop. 75.

• Workers ALREADY have the option of not spending dues money on politics – the Governor wants to make it nearly impossible for working people to have a voice in the political process.

• By borrowing $2 billion from the education budget and then refusing to pay it back, Governor Schwarzenegger broke his promise to California students and schools. And now he wants to prevent all of us from telling you about it.

.This initiative will sharply cut union’s abilities to influence legislation and elections.

Prop. 76. School funding.

Slashing $4 billion from education spending per year, the equivalent of $600 less per student, the Governor’s School and Health Funding Reduction Plan would gut the voter-approved minimum funding provided to our schools through Proposition 98.
A clear power-grab by the Governor, the School and Health Funding Reduction Plan would eliminate the legislature’s authority to reject bad ideas, like further cuts to education.
Had the School and Health Funding Reduction Plan been in place during Schwarzenegger’s first two years in offi ce, he would’ve eliminated funding for programs like Healthy Start, School-to-Career Counseling, and contributions to the State Teachers Retirement System.
It would also have allowed cuts in funding for the California State University and University of California below the level needed to fund enrollment growth, without the Legislature’s approval.
Despite a recent report by the RAND Corporation concluding that California’s schools were underfunded, its class sizes too large and its teachers underpaid, the Governor’s School and Health Funding Reduction Plan cuts billions more from our public schools.
California ranks 44th out of 50 states in funding for public schools. California schools already have suffered more than $9.8 billion in cuts.
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