Monday, August 31, 2020

SCUSD Proposal for English Learners is Totally Inadequate

SCUSD Proposal for English Learners is Totally Inadequate 

 To: SCUSD School Board In the new Learning Accountability and Attendance plan,

 We know that English learners, particularly young English learners, require face to face social interaction to advance in English. We do not find plans to provide English learners with the required designated English Language Learning instruction. In your plan you have listed 60 minutes per week of instruction. That is totally inadequate. A child can not learn English with this minimal instruction. 

 It is clear under SB 98, that the district receives specific and designated funding for services to English learners. We do not find plans to track and apply the funding specifically for the English Learners. You are required to show that the supplemental money you receive for English learners actually improves the learning achievement of English learners. (Ed. Code, § 43503(b). We do not find evidence that you are going to measure, record, and report this achievement. 

 We advise the district to revise your plan to describe how the district is increasing or improving services in proportion to funds generated by low-income students, English learner and students in foster care under the local control funding formula (LCFF) as required by the continuing SB 98 legislation.

 As we have advised you for four years, your planning has not shown that funds generated by English learners are principally directed and effective to meet the needs of the students who generated them. Now, in your present proposed Learning Accountability and Attendance plan, you are again required to show how the funds generated by English Learners are principally directed and effective to meet the needs of the English learners who generated them. Should your plan fail to demonstrate evidence of this required direction of funding, we may need to oppose the approval of your plan.

 Parents of English learners are more likely than other parents to not have substantial internet connectivity. How will the district provide needed additional support to non English speaking, or limited English speaking parents as required by SB 98 ?

 In your required effort to support mental health and social and emotional well-being of pupils and staff during the school year, it is essential that many of the specialists and counselors providing services be bilingual in the languages spoken in the district. We do not find plans for providing certified bilingual counselors in the district. Your plan should be improved in this area. 

 We request specific and detailed responses to our continuing concerns. 

 Dr. Duane E. Campbell.
 Dolores Delgado Campbell Co Chairs – Education Committee 
League of United Latin American Citizens 
 PO Box 162790 Sacramento , Ca. 95816

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